How Digital Production Tracking Enhances Supply Chain Efficiency

The apparel/textile industry is a vast and intricate web, with numerous processes involved in the manufacturing and distribution of the product. This complexity is further heightened by the global scale of the supply chain, where apparel brands have multiple suppliers spread across different countries. In such a scenario, production efficiency becomes the linchpin for success. 


Traditional supply chain management methods are increasingly becoming obsolete, especially in today’s fast-paced globalized market. Relying on paper-based processes and juggling multiple modes of communication can lead to significant challenges. Brands often find themselves in the dark about the accurate status of production. Important information can easily become siloed, or worse, can easily be misplaced, leading to inefficiencies. 


Digital production tracking systems are helping to limit these problems and improve the overall efficiency and agility of apparel brands. These modern solutions are revolutionizing the dynamics of the apparel and textile industry, providing numerous benefits that improve overall supply chain efficiency. 


Enhanced Visibility and Transparency 


One of the foremost advantages of implementing a digital production tracking software is the enhanced visibility and transparency it offers, something that was severely lacking before. In apparel manufacturing, where multiple processes are happening simultaneously, across different vendors, it’s easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Traditional methods often relied on periodic production updates, which could lead to outdated or even inaccurate information being sent to the brand. 


With a digital production tracking software, brands can now have a real-time bird’s eye view of their entire production process. This ensures that brand stakeholders are always in the loop about the status of production. Whether its raw materials, garments being stitched, or products being shipped, every step-in production is visible, and accurately reported on. This transparency not only builds trust but also allows for immediate interventions to combat delays, and production problems, ultimately helping with brand efficiency and agility. 


Improved Production Planning & Optimization 


With the insights provided by tracking production, brands can make better, more informed decisions about their production schedules. This is crucial in an industry where timing, planning, and proper allocation of resources can be the difference between success and failure, especially in the crowded apparel landscape.


By having real-time data at their fingertips, brands can better allocate resources and attention, adjust timelines and ensure that production processes are streamlined and efficient. They can also get into a cycle of continuous improvement, identifying areas in the production process where they could be more efficient, and implementing those changes to be more agile, and optimized. This level of flexibility and adaptability is only possible with the granular data provided by production process tracking. Over time, this leads to better optimization of resources, waste reduction, and a more agile production process. 


Enhanced Supplier Collaboration 


Brands often need to work with suppliers from different parts of the world to meet all their production requirements. This geographical spread results in communication challenges between the brand and their suppliers, something discussed in detail above. Implementing a production tracker fosters better collaboration and communication with suppliers. 


With a unified platform, communication becomes seamless, ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page. Requests, approvals, and general communication can all be consolidated onto one platform, resulting in a centralized hub for production data. Instead of lengthy email threads or missed phone calls, suppliers and brands can instantly update and view production status, share feedback and resolve issues. This real-time collaboration ensures that both parties are aligned in their goals, leading to better outcomes, increased efficiency, and stronger partnerships. 


Data-Driven Decision-Making and Continuous Improvements 


The apparel industry is dynamic, with trends shifting rapidly. To stay ahead, brands need to be adaptive, and agile. The data generated by production process tracking can help do that. It allows apparel brands to analyze patterns, identify bottlenecks, and forecast future challenges. For instance, if a particular production step in a particular factory consistently causes delays, brands can delve deeper to identify the root cause of the problem and implement solutions. This proactive approach ensures that issues are resolved much earlier on, before they become larger problems, leading to smoother production cycles. 


Moreover, with historical data, brands can make more informed predictions about future production cycles, helping them to plan and optimize better. In essence, data-driven insights lead to continuous improvements, ensuring that brands are always evolving and making their processes for efficient. 




TrackIT is a digital production tracking solution designed specifically for the textile and apparel industry. It consolidates production data and communication across suppliers on a single, cloud-based digital platform. The visibility offered by TrackIT enables apparel brands to detect production delays quicker, identify bottlenecks earlier, and problem-solve proactively to develop a competitive edge. 


In conclusion, the apparel/textile industry is undergoing a paradigm shift with more and more brands investing heavily in apparel supply chain software, including solutions for production tracking like TrackIT. These systems offer unparalleled visibility, improved planning, enhanced collaboration, and data-driven insights, ensuring that brands can navigate the complexities of the global supply chain with ease and efficiency. As the industry, continues to evolve, it’s clear that digital solutions will play a pivot role in shaping the industry in the future. 


How Digital Production Tracking Enhances Supply Chain Efficiency
Triple Tree Solutions
Published 18 September 2023

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