Apparel Color Management Solution

Real-time Color Evaluations and Approvals

Significant Lead Time Reduction

Major Cost Savings

Transform your supply-chain by digitizing the color management process

Digital color management solution
Color management tool

Remote Digital Color Management, Validation and Quality Control

The traditional color validation process is time-consuming, costly and often does not lead to the desired result.

Our color management solution standardizes the color evaluation process, delivering insights into color matching within seconds.

ColordesQ at a Glance

ColordesQ works on the basis of spectral data which means all color comparisons are objective.

With our color matching software, avoid color inconsistencies cause by variations in lighting conditions and other factors.

Our digital color management and color quality control solution is a game - changer when it comes to quality, speed, cost - control, planning and sustainability.

production data collection software
textile color management solution

Textiles, Apparel, Home Textiles,
Footwear, Accessories, and More

color quality control solution

Compare Target Colors
with Color Developments

color matching software

Objective Color Evaluation
Based on Spectral Data

color evaluation management solution

Showing Color Deviation
Under Multiple Light Sources

Getting Started with Digital Color Management The Right Way

ColordesQ offers intuitive workflows that seamlessly bring together brands, retailers, and suppliers.

From job creation, lab dip submission, production run to approvals ColordesQ supports supply chain participants every step of the way.

Color matching tool
Objective Assessment with Real-Results
apparel color management
A 90% First-Hit-Rate
With ColordesQ, apparel brands can forgo the repeated approval cycles needed for traditional color management. Our system successfully produces the desired color with a 90% first-hit-rate.
apparel color management
Time Saving
Reduce the duration of the lab dip process by 70%, lab dip approvals that normally took seven days can be achieved in just two. Our color engine enables faster product iterations and quicker turnarounds, saving valuable time in the manufacturing process, and enhancing overall efficiency.
apparel color management
Cost Reduction
Digital color management enables apparel brands to save over 80% on courier shipments by eliminating the need for physical lab dips to be sent back and forth between the brand and their suppliers, resulting in significant cost reductions.
apparel color management
Implementing our solution reduces the need for physical samples, minimizing transportation emissions and contributing to a more sustainable supply chain. ColordesQ helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional color approval processes.
apparel color management
Color Consistency
ColordesQ allows for increased color consistency across the brand's entire manufacturing process: whether it is achieving the same color repeatedly for a never out of stock item, matching trims with fabric material, or identical items from different manufacturing sites, ColordesQ allows for consistent color production across the board.

ColordesQ User Interface

  • Dashboard

  • Target Colors from Spectral Library

Lab-Dip Analysis
Comparative Analysis Using ∆ Values

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ColordesQ help evaluate colors?
ColordesQ utilizes a Color Engine built exclusively for the product.

Our Color Engine uses spectral data to digitize and compare colors objectively.

Our workflows and interfaces allow you to compare color for your lab dip and production lots with your color standards.
What is spectral data and how is it obtained?
Spectral data is obtained when a fabric or material is measured using a spectrophotometer - a device that can measure the intensity of reflected light at all visible wavelengths.

These measurements are captured in .qtx files – an industry-standard file format containing the reflectance measurements for a color.

Spectrophotometers are commonly available with major apparel manufacturers, fabric mills and dye houses. Some prominent spectrophotometer manufacturers are Datacolor, X-Rite, Konica Minolta and CADDON.
How are color standards or target colors defined digitally in ColordesQ?
The platform accepts digital measurements for any mainstream color library (i.e. color systems such as Coloro, Pantone etc.) while allowing brands to create and upload their own custom library, if needed.
How do I get color data for my lap dips and production lots into ColordesQ?
ColordesQ accepts color data via upload of .qtx files.
Is it possible to make color decisions on the basis of spectral data alone?
Yes. Spectral measurements are an objective, scientific measure of color attributes/characteristics.

As a precondition, both the measuring equipment and the performance of the measurements must comply with the required specifications.
Is the digital evaluation of color as reliable as comparing physical samples using the human eye?
An assessment made digitally using spectral data is accurate, precise and consistent - provided that the measurement process is carried out properly.

A digital evaluation is objective and based in hard data, as opposed to subjective opinions formed using the human eye.
What are the biggest benefits generated by ColordesQ?
With ColordesQ, brands and retailers can hope to experience
  • A 90% First-Hit-Rate
  • More than 70% Time Saving in the Lab Dip Process
  • 80% Cost Savings on Courier Shipments for Colors
  • Source: Company internal workings. Benefits experienced may vary based on materials used, dyeing practices etc.
    What are the main milestones of a color process handled in ColordesQ?
    ColordesQ’s basic workflow streamlines the color approval process through the following stages:

  • Color Job Creation & Assignment
  • Lab-Dip Submission, Evaluation & Approval
  • Bulk Lot Submission, Evaluation & Approval
  • Which roles in my organization would typically benefit from ColordesQ?
    ColordesQ caters to the color approval workflow for all primary stakeholders involved in the color submission, evaluation and approval process.

    At Brands and Retailers - Designers, Colorists, Product Managers and Quality Managers

    At Suppliers - Color Lab, Merchandiser
    How is the communication between stakeholders handled in ColordesQ?
    Users interact via a comment function in ColordesQ.
    Notifications are automatically sent for specific actions, such as the completion of a task or a person being tagged.

    The entire history of a color job – measurement data, job decisions & comments from lab dip submission through production lots - can be viewed at any time.
    What are the bare minimum requirements to work with ColordesQ?
    The willingness to digitize the color management and evaluation process – and an internet connection.

    ColordesQ’s core functionalities are accessible via web-browser.
    Can ColordesQ integrate with my existing PLM and IT infrastructure?
    Yes – our flexible API’s facilitate cross-platform integration. Data exchange is also possible via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
    Does ColordesQ offer a trial phase?
    Yes, we offer a 6-week trial period free of charge.

    Please get in touch via a contact form
    Does ColordesQ come with training and support for users?
    Our product and onboarding teams assist the entire process.

    During trial and go-live, users will be supported by:
  • Online Training Session(s)
  • On-demand sessions with our Product Managers
  • A digital training library containing
  • Product Manuals
  • Video tutorials
  • Any other questions? Please get in touch!

    Request a Demo