ColordesQ - A Digital Color Management Solution

Color Management, Quality Control, and Validation
Problems with color management in your textile products cost you time and money between multiple approval cycles and human errors. Traditional color management methods fail to address issues like color metamerism (two colors that match under one light source but not under a different light source) as well, which is where ColordesQ's digital color management platform comes in.

With ColordesQ's help, users will be able to save time, money, and valuable company resources typically spent on the color management process. Its advanced capabilities will enable you to move all of your color management and quality control operations online, enable faster communication with apparel and non-apparel manufacturers, increase efficiency, and remove human errors from the color management process.

Digital color management solution

Define Color Objectively Through Triple Tree's Digital Color Management Solution

The color comparison process can be time consuming and lacks transparency when you depend solely on the human eye. The process leads to color metamerism issues and inaccuracies in the production process.

Our digital color management solution digitizes the color management process using spectral data. It limits any chances of error in the process and improves decision making by facilitating communication between manufacturers and retailers.

Color Management Quality Control
textile color management solution

Textiles, Apparel, Home Textiles, Footwear, Accessories, and More

color quality control solution

Compare Target Colors
with Color Developments

quality control solution

Objective Color Evaluation
Based on Spectral Data

color evaluation management solution

Showing Color Deviation
Under Multiple Light Sources

Address Color Metamerism in Lab Dip Approvals
Color Management Quality Control

Metamerism in textiles is when a color dip can seem like an exact match to your target color under specific lighting but not under a different light source. With ColordesQ - our digital color management solution - your organization will be able to color submissions under different light sources and analyze if the color can be reproduced on different mediums, all without having to leave your desk.

Leverage Spectral Data and Supplier Insights
Color Management Quality Control

Enable your organization to compare, display, analyze spectral data, and generate supplier/vendor insights. With ColordesQ, you can analyze data in both visual and numerical forms. Once you input your submissions digitally, you can instantly analyze spectral data based on your target colors and the color dips provided on an easy-to-understand, user-friendly platform.

This enables increased color conformity and accurate color comparison in apparel and non-apparel products.

Accurate and Remote Color Comparison
Color Management Quality Control

With ColordesQ, you will be able to make informed color management decisions across multiple materials and on products involving various colors. Our digital color management solution ensures uniformity across all your de.signs and products across the globe.

ColordesQ will help you make well-informed, science-backed decisions about color management, product design, and vendor selection

ColordesQ User Interface

  • Dashboard

  • Target Colors from Spectral Library

Lab-Dip Analysis
Comparative Analysis Using ∆ Values
Multiple Color Systems Integration
Color Management Quality Control

Complicated Color Comparison Made Simple

Color management involves complicated calculations and an understanding of color management itself. ColordesQ simplifies this process through spectral data charts, detailed numerical data and insights, and its ability to detect the slightest color deviations in textile samples better than the naked eye.

The data is simple and easy to understand without compromising on the results and ensuring minimal errors in the digital color management process.

Avoid Multiple Approval Cycles
Color Management Quality Control

When color needs to be just right, there can be extensive back and forth between the manufacturers and clients. Not only does it take weeks, but it also costs organizations money and time.

Triple Tree's advanced digital color management solution makes it simple for all users to collaborate, compare colors, and review and address metamerism-related color issues remotely

Streamline the Color Management Process
Color Management Quality Control

Collaborations between manufacturers and clients often involve multiple platforms, lost data, and confusion. ColordesQ eliminates this problem with updates and insights delivered in real time on a completely digital and highly efficient quality control solution.

In a highly competitive industry where efficiency is everything, save time and money with the help of a digital color management solution designed for you.

Save Time and Money
Color Management Quality Control

ColordesQ enables users to shorten the color management process by weeks, which enables retailers to invest more time in design and product quality control.

Through digitizing the color management process, ColordesQ can help users collaborate with manufacturers all over the world.

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