Triple tree provides state-of-the art digital supply chain management solutions in the textile industry. Our experienced team has conducted extensive R&D in the textile industry by identifying the business problems and developed a world-class textile supply chain software. The multi-purpose software offers the following:  Apparel Color Management Solution  Digital Color Management Solution  Digital Production Management Solution  Quality Management Solution In Pakistan, we can safely claim to be the pioneers of the digital textile supply chain management solutions. Not only this but we can reasonably compete with global players in the supply chain management solutions space. Our range of flexible and customizable cloud-based solutions for sourcing and manufacturing environments are available in a variety of deployment structures that can be integrated into existing legacy infrastructure. Our Digital Color Management Solution – ColordesQ, is essentially an apparel color management, has made significant headway in the textile supply chain software industry, with clients warranting production standardization, business efficiency and eventually cost reduction. It not only contributes value to existing operations but also paves way for gaining competitive advantage and enabling future growth. Our Digital Production Management Solution – Vendor Sales Navigator, is a solution to manage capacity and improve production visibility in the textile supply chain. It enables the supply chain management solution providers to do the following:  Real-time OTP Scores and KPIs  Capacity & Placement Summary  Zoom into PO details Our Quality Management Solution – QUONDA, is a solution for Real-time Data Collection and streamlining Reporting and Analytics for audits and inspections. This solution covers the entire ecosystem in the Textile Supply Chain Management space and not just gives visibility to all relevant stakeholders but also makes processes watertight. In large businesses, where there are high volumes of stock, ensuring compliance from an audit and inspection perspective can often be challenging but utilizing such a solution would save a lot of energy and man hours. Textile Supply Chain Management Solutions if managed and embedded in the systems properly, can support organizations of any scale in areas of profitability, production efficiencies and high potential growth. Digital Color Management Solution (ColordesQ), Digital Production Management Solution – Vendor Sales Navigator, Quality Management Solution – QUONDA, deployed individually can undoubtedly benefit the organization in several ways but deploying the full stack Supply Chain Management Solution is what will transform the organization into a future-fit progressive entity. Experts at Triple Tree train business users with complete documentation, including training manuals, to ease the adoption and use of Textile Supply Chain Management Solutions Once the solutions are live, Triple Tree continues to provide 24/7 support through our Customer Success Team to ensure that no disruptions are caused in the company’s operations. For detailed demos, you can get in touch with our team consisting of subject matter expertise in Supply Chain Management Solutions and we will ensure that the journey from query to post-deployment will be seamless and noticeably above industry standards. For better understanding of our Textile supply chain softwares, you can easily request a demo (click on the link on top of the page).

A Supply Chain that's

Supply Chain Solutions to Digitize Sourcing Operations for Textile, Apparel, and Non-Apparel Industries

Apparel Color Management Solution


Color Management, Quality Control and Validation

Holistic solution for color management and color quality control. Color evaluation based on objective spectral measurements provides transparent communication in real-time: match colors as closely as possible as quickly as possible.

Apparel Color Management

Our Products Deal with the Reality of the Textile Supply Chain

At Triple Tree, we address key points across quality inspections, production tracking, and color validation. Our supply chain management software reduces costs, increases visibility, and streamlines processes for a supply chain that’s transparent, responsive and agile.

Textile Supply Chain Software

Smart Solutions for an Agile Supply Chain

Leveraging technology is key for businesses to foster and grow their global supply chain while ensuring compliance with global quality standards for all products. Our textile supply chain management solutions provide real-time insights, automated reporting and historical documentation, empowering stakeholders to identify bottlenecks and problem solve ahead of time.

Our Solutions

  • Digital Color Management Solution


    Digital Color Management

  • Quality Management Solution


    Quality on Demand

  • Digital Production Management Solution – Vendor Sales Navigator


    Improve Production Visibility

Digital Color Management, Quality Control & Validation
A gamechanger when it comes to quality, speed, cost control, planning and sustainability.

Our color engine standardizes the color evaluation process, delivering insights into color matching within seconds.

Brands and retailers can perform real-time evaluation and approval of dips and production batches across all their suppliers.

Our goal is to cover the entire process from design decisions to color quality assessments and matching media results.

Digital Color Management Solution (ColordesQ)
Digitize. Analyze. Prioritize: Quality Inspections

Using real-time data collection, reporting, and analytics – our digital quality management solution streamlines inline and final inspections.

With QUONDA, Quality Managers receive the visibility and control they need to make the right decisions at the right time.

By completely digitizing quality inspections, easily schedule, manage and review all past and upcoming supply chain inspections globally.

Quality Management Solution – QUONDA
Production Planning, Tracking, and Visibility on a Single Cloud Based Platform

Consolidate production data and communication across your suppliers on one easy-to-use digital platform.

Our digital production tracking software lets you overlook your purchase orders across your entire supply chain on a single platform.

The visibility you get allows you to detect delays, identify bottlenecks, and problem solve ahead of time.

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I am glad to have QUONDA as an official apparel inspection software. It provides real time and seamless inspection planning, activities, results and analysis.

My technical and quality team enable to understand shipment status and provide comprehensive Key Performance Index to management.

Covi-19 and government policy restricts technical team travel to factories. QUONDA becoming extremely important to us.

We have it to get access production and quality assurance activities. QUONDA supporting team has excellent collaboration and high flexibility to fit my need.

It is essential in our daily operation and provides transparency.

Peter Fong

Technical Service | Quality Assurance Director


Grosso Moda

Triple Tree is the ideal partner for our digitalization project, not only the solutions they offer are great, but the mindset of the people is unique. Working with Triple Tree is truly inspiring and hands-on

Jelle Van Laer

Chief Operating Officer

Grosso Moda

Hilger Consulting

Triple Tree Software offers exactly the packages that are the answers to all possible questions of Sourcing, Procurement and Operations professionals dealing with global Sourcing. Unbeatable tools to manage, maintain and monitor a global sourcing network. The latest addition Vendor Risk Assessment for Virus/Pandemic-Health and Safety measures is a very useful addition for assessment of factory locations for compliance to COVID 19 safety protocols”

Jan Hilger

Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Expert

Hilger Consulting


QUONDA helped us to improve our agility by enabling real-time reporting and significantly reduced our audit times. Both the Quonda web portal and the mobile app are integrated with our digital measurement tape. The user interface and process templates were fully customized based on our specifications with ease of use in focus to increase efficiency and minimize human error by guiding the auditor through predefined audit flow.

Digitizing all our audit data ensures data integrity and advanced reporting.

Tamas Muntyan

Regional Quality Assurance Manager


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