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Quality Inspection Software for an Agile Organization

Eliminate errors. Increase productivity. Reduce costs.

Our digital quality control solution gives you visibility you need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Receive real-time insights and detailed analytics to structure and implement quality assurance programs across the supply chain.

Digital Quality Management

A Customizable, Efficient, and Remote Digital Quality Management Solution

Inefficient, manual quality control processes can lead to costly errors and delays in supply chain operations. That's why we created QUONDA - a cloud-based, Al-powered SaaS solution that streamlines inline and final inspections for brands, retailers, and manufacturers.

Using real-time data collection, reporting, and analytics - QUONDA enables brands, retailers, and manufacturers to digitize, analyze and prioritize their key supply chain processes.

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Live Dashboards

Real-Time Activity Status Map

IoT Integrations

GPS Tracking

Customizable to Process Needs

Corrective Action Plans

QUONDA Dashboard

  • Real-Time Activity Status Map

  • Live Dashboards

  • IoT Integrations

QUONDA Dashboard
Live Dashboards
IoT Integrations
QUONDA - final inspection

A supply-chain that's faster, more efficient, and more transparent.

Completely digitize the inspection of products from pre-production to inline and final inspections

QUONDA lets you schedule, manage, and review all past and upcoming inspections globally.

As a configurable, cloud-based, Al-powered SaaS solution, QUONDA is able to adapt to processes and workflows for a diverse client base.

Access to real-time reporting and historical documentation empowers stakeholders to make better, more informed decisions.

Quality Management Solution

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Quality Management Solution

QUONDA is in use by over 3,400 users in 45 countries performing 50,000 inspections per month.

Real-Time Quality Inspections

  • Easy Access

    Users have access to a dashboard with all past and upcoming inspections.

  • Input Inspection Data

    Users input data through QUONDA as the inspection is being conducted and can see the progression of the inspection

  • IoT Integrations

    Smart IoT integrations for Measurement Conformity.

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Input Audit Data
IoT Integrations

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