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Purchase Order Tracking, Ensuring On-Time Delivery, and More

Delayed deliveries, rescheduling, and lack of planning in the production process can cost brands money and time. In additon, the traditional production management process lacks visibility and involves working with scattered, disorganized data.

This is where TrackIT comes in; our digital production tracker provides companies with the visibility they need to help ensure on-time delivery from manufacturers. Purchase order tracking is made easy with real-time updates about order status, a time and action calendar, and production progress updates to detect issues and delays.

Our production tracking software allows brands and distributors to monitor the production process closely or only to receive updates when the project moves from one significant stage to the next.

VSN - Purchase Order Tracking

Complete Configurability Through Triple Tree Production Tracker

Whether it's tracking pre-production or production workflows, TrackIT can be customized to your unique needs.

TrackIT's range of configurability enables you to track milestones and processes that are relevant and matter most. For example, it can be configured to track milestones that stakeholders prioritize throughout the supply chain from order placement to final deliveries, enabling users to focus on deliverables being delivered and quailty standards being met. This helps brands and distributors hone in on what's missing and what can be improved in the production process.

VSN - Production Tracker

With TrackIT, you can

View OTP scores and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Use regional vendor comparison dashboards to weigh vendor performance.

Stay up-to-date with production progress through our time and action calendar and more.

Real-Time OTP Scores and KPIs in

Capacity & Placement Summary

Zoom into PO Details

Regional & Vendor Comparison Dashboards

Predictive Delivery Algorithms

Flexible Data Entry Options

TrackIT Dashboard

  • Real-Time OTP Scores and KPIs

  • Capacity & Placement Summary

  • Zoom into PO Details

Real-Time OTP Scores and KPIs
Capacity & Placement Summary
Zoom into PO Details

Real-Time Insights for Delay Detection and Ensuring On-Time Delivery

The traditional production management process can cause severe delays in the supply chain and cost distributors a lot of money due to the lack of production visibility, ineffective communication over emails, and a lack of consolidated production data.

TrackIT's real-time insights and purchase order tracking capabilities enable brands and distributors to detect, plan, and prepare for protential delays and problems in the manufacturing process. In addition, our production tracker ensures stakeholders are involved and can intervene where necessary.

Improve Decision Making Through Vendor Scorecards, Real-Time Performance Comparisons, Purchase Order Tracking, and Vendor Ratings

Ensuring on-time delivery for order is a priority for vendors, distributors, and retailers. TrackIT gives supply chain partcipants the ability to track the on-time delivery performance of manufacturers and suppliers on an easy-to-use time and action calendar as well as specialized dashboards, enabling them to make decisions and plan future orders based on accurate data ad actionable insights.

Real-time performance ratings and comparisons can be made using TrackIT's Vendor scoredcards, allowing brands to review supplier performance on a regular basis in support of their vendor management strategy.

Streamline Communication Through a Single Platform

With TrackIT's time and action calendar, purchase order tracking, real-time production visibility, and added communication features, the need for constant communication over phone calls and email between manufacturers and disitributors is reduced significantly.

TrackIT is more than just a production tracker, it streamlines communication throughout the supply chain by bringing it all onto a single and fully digital platform.

Audit in Your Smartphone

  • Realtime Production Status

  • Capacity & Placement Summary

  • Calendar Mode

Realtime Production Status
Capacity & Placement Summary
Time and action calendar

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