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A global sourcing company sought to improve their supply chain by digitizing data acquisition and quality management operations. With widely distributed processes and the need for seamless, uninterrupted communication between stakeholders, real-time data exchange for quality control was critical.

In order to minimize high costs, time, and inefficiencies caused by paper-based processes, the company decided to automate their quality inspections.

After thorough research and rigorous processes, the company shortlisted Triple Tree Solutions to be their technology partner by opting for QUONDA to conduct and manage quality inspections for accurate decision making based on real-time and live dashboards. QUONDA comes with built-in cross platform and cross browser compatibility. Our digital platform enables a 360-degree view of the entire supply chain from PO placement to production tracking and quality inspections to shipments.


The sourcing company, with hundreds of factories in their portfolio, had unique quality parameters that required customization of the product. Moreover, all 350 inspectors across the globe had to be trained for rollout.

After in depth requirement gathering through various sessions and workshops with the company’s quality and IT teams over a period of 3 months, Triple Tree gained a deeper understanding of inspection procedures and requirements. Triple Tree utilized the client’s specified defect to generate quality reports and mapped workflows to meet the needs of a particular inspection submission.

Additional work was carried out by the Triple Tree team for data warehousing to allow the system to process 60,000 Purchase Orders per day. Our system was seamlessly integrated with the clients to automate the data transfer process and increase efficiency. From all the available options, a protocol was established to allow the transfer of CSV files through an SFTP server to the QUONDA server. Similarly, inspection data was sent back in Excel file format and placed on STFP by QUONDA server (added the word “server”) in a format readable by the company’s internal IT system.

The first stage of customization and product development was followed by a 3-month period of field deployment.

For the first field deployment, 20 inspectors from countries with network and connectivity issues, were selected to onboard with test PO’s. QUONDA’s offline working feature allowed the system to store all inspection related data which enabled the inspection to progress even without internet connectivity.

Once deployment and further customization was complete, QUONDA was ready to be piloted. There was a 3-month pilot to ensure that there was no disruption in operations for the leading sourcing company.

“With QUONDA, regional directors were able to see real time status of quality inspections remotely, monitor KPIs via user friendly dashboards, and get inspector performance through one centralized source.”


Experts at Triple Tree trained the inspectors and provided them with complete documentation, including training manuals, to ease the adoption and use of QUONDA.

Once QUONDA was live, Triple Tree continued to provide 24/7 support through our Customer Success Team to ensure that no disruptions were caused in the company’s operations.


With QUONDA, regional directors were able to see real time status of quality inspections remotely, monitor KPIs via user friendly dashboards, and get inspector performance through one centralized source.

After choosing Triple Tree Solutions as their partner, the global sourcing company expressed great satisfaction in their journey from requirement gathering to deployment and going live. QUONDA not only digitized a manual, paper-based process but also enabled the stakeholder to make informed decisions, resulting in increased efficiency, greater visibility and transparency, risk mitigation, and cost savings.

Global Sourcing Company
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Published 24 November 2020

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