Triple Tree x Sedo Treepoint

We are excited to collaborate with Sedo Treepoint to digitize and enhance textile supply-chain processes using innovative technology.


About Sedo Treepoint


As the world’s leading supplier of integrated automation systems, data acquisition, color management and control systems for the textile dyeing and finishing industry, Sedo Treepoint enables smarter processes and workflows in production leading to improved productivity and quality.


About ColordesQ


ColordesQ is a digital color management and quality control solution focusing on color conformity and real-time validation from design to production. Through ColordesQ's color engine, the evaluation process is standardized across all suppliers to provide color matching insights within seconds.


Sedo Treepoint's expertise will help brands better understand their suppliers' operations and optimize collaboration. In turn, ColordesQ's data-driven insights will enable Sedo Treepoint to improve the performance of textile suppliers and manufacturers.


Triple Tree x Sedo Treepoint
Triple Tree Solutions
Published 5 June 2023

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