Transforming Quality Management: The Power of Digital Solutions

Quality is of utmost importance in the textile/apparel industry. To ensure long term brand success, maintaining consistent product quality control is crucial. However, many big players in the apparel industry have traditionally overlooked quality operations, choosing to stick to the outdated paper-based processes that can leave the brand exposed to various problems. For example, Zara, the fast-fashion brand, was fined over $100,000 in 2011 for failing to meet quality standards on select products. To address this, the industry is turning to technology to revolutionize their supply chain management, including the critical area of quality management. By 2030, the fashion industry is projected to double its investment in technology, driven by the need for streamlined processes, enhanced sustainability, and access to more accurate data and analytics. 


Traditionally, product quality control in the textile/apparel industry has been inefficient and time consuming, presenting numerous challenges. Many of these challenges stem from the reliance on paper-based processes which can result in the loss of important information, misunderstanding and information siloes that hinder access and slow down decision-making. These inefficiencies then cause further delays in reporting, reduced productivity, and ultimately impact profitability. 


The creation of new technology in the last few years, spearheaded by the pandemic, has reshaped many aspects of the apparel industry, and quality management is no exception. A digital quality management system offers a wide range of benefits that can significantly improve and optimize quality control processes for apparel brands. 


By adopting a digital solution, manual processes are replaced by real-time information transfer. This enables instant communication between suppliers scattered across the globe and the brand hub, greatly enhancing visibility throughout the supply chain. Furthermore, a digital quality management system allows brands to gather more detailed analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs), empowering them to improve efficiency and strengthen their quality management programs through data analysis. Stakeholders can make more informed decisions at a faster pace, ultimately enhancing quality control across the board. 


QUONDA by Triple Tree revolutionizes product quality control by allowing the brand to schedule, conduct, and review inspections for all their global suppliers. Businesses can track progress in real-time, receive comprehensive reports, and access analytics all within a single platform. 


The textile and apparel industry is currently undergoing a transformation as new technology solutions enter the market to address key pain points in the sector, and quality management is one of the areas that new technology is helping to improve. By embracing digital solutions like QUONDA, top brands can overcome the limitations of traditional quality control methods. This results in improved accuracy, efficiency, and consistency, ultimately contributing to a better bottom line and increased customer satisfaction. Over the next few years, digital quality management will likely become the norm for bigger apparel brands, but those that move quickly in adoption will likely see the greatest return on their investment. 

Transforming Quality Management: The Power of Digital Solutions
Triple Tree Solutions
Published 5 July 2023

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