Transforming Fashion: How QMIP Empowered Lulusar to Reduce Defects and Boost Quality

The Problem 


Lulusar, a reputable Pakistani fashion brand was facing a significant challenge with the high number of defects coming out of their factory. The high defect rate, averaging 40%, resulted in increased production costs, delayed shipments, and damage to company reputation. They wanted a comprehensive solution to identify core problems in their manufacturing process, and a way to substantially reduce the defect rate at their factory. 


The Solution


With this problem in mind, Lulusar approached Triple Tree Solutions whose digital quality inspection tool, QUONDA, was already being used at the Lulusar factory. To address the quality control issues, Triple Tree Solutions developed QMIP (Quality Management Improvement Program) as an advanced add-on to their digital quality inspection tool. QMIP, using inspection results provided by QUONDA, was designed for early detection of defects and process failure on the factory floor in real-time, tailored specifically for apparel vendors. 


With this integration, Lulusar was able to take a much deeper look into their manufacturing process by inspecting various production stages (i.e., cutting, sewing, dyeing), and conducting root cause analysis to determine where the majority of their defects were occurring. By identifying defects at each stage of production, rather than a final quality check on finished goods, Lulusar was able to remedy production failure before it could affect the entire production lot, helping to cut down significantly on the total number of defects. This proactive approach to quality management allowed the brand to implement targeted remediation measures, minimizing the chances of defects being carried over into subsequent stages of production. 


The Impact


After six weeks of QMIP implementation at the Lulusar factory, their defect rate has drastically reduced from 40% to just 6%. QMIP’s real-time analysis and analytics capabilities, in conjunction with QUONDA, have allowed Lulusar to identify and resolve quality issues much earlier in the production process, helping to reduce the defect rate. 


This has led to other tangible benefits for Lulusar. Production costs have decreased as a result of fewer rework requirements and reduced waste. Timely shipments have increased customer satisfaction and helped to bolster the brand’s reputation. Overall, QMIP has provided Lulusar with a robust and efficient quality control solution that has greatly improved their manufacturing processes and driven their defect rate to an all-time low. 

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Transforming Fashion: How QMIP Empowered Lulusar to Reduce Defects and Boost Quality
Triple Tree Solutions
Case Studies
Published 22 May 2023

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