The Importance of Production Line Quality Checks & How Digitization Can Help

The apparel industry is highly competitive, and quality plays a critical role in determining the success of a fashion brand. Production line quality checks are vital to ensure that every product meets the required standards of the brand and their customers. These checks help to identify and rectify any defects or discrepancies that may occur during the manufacturing process. Digitization can help to streamline these checks, and improve the overall level of quality control. 


The importance of production line quality checks in the apparel/textile sector cannot be overstated. Fashion brands that fail to meet the required quality standards may experience high return rates, customer dissatisfaction, and reputational damage. Moreover, such companies may incur significant costs associated with rectifying defects and managing customer complaints. For example, in 2013 Lululemon Athletica had to recall a large amount of inventory due to quality standards not being met, resulting in over $60 million in lost revenue. 



Production line quality checks are typically conducted at different stages of the manufacturing process, from sourcing of raw materials to final packaging. These checks involve inspecting the product for defects such as loose threads, stains, uneven stitching and sizing issues. Companies may also perform quality tests to assess the durability, color, and overall performance of the product. All of these elements are important to consider during inspection of product, even a slight problem in one of these areas can lead to a product recall, hurting the brand financially and its perception with customers. According to the 1-10-100 rule, it is in the best interest of the brand to catch potential defects early on in the manufacturing process. Late detection, like in the case of Lululemon, will end up costing the brand a lot more to correct the mistake than it would have if they had found the problem earlier on in the production process. 



Digitization has revolutionized the way fashion companies conduct quality inspections. With the use of digital technologies like automated inspection systems, image recognition software, and data analytics, companies can streamline their quality control processes and improve accuracy and efficiency. Digital quality management systems can also help fashion companies by providing real-time data and insights. Companies can track the movement of raw materials and finished products, monitor production processes and inspection of product, while identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies. With solutions like QUONDA, quality managers can easily schedule, manage and review all past and upcoming inspections globally, increasing visibility and control to make the right decision at the right time.



Many apparel brands realize the potential of a digital quality management system, and have been quickly working to make it a reality. For instance, Levi Strauss & Co. has integrated digital tools into its quality control process, resulting in faster and more accurate inspections. The company uses automated inspection systems that use sensors and cameras to detect defects and anomalies in garments. These systems can identify defects that are not visible to the naked eye and can reduce inspection times significantly. 



Production line quality checks are crucial to the success of top brands in the apparel and textile industry. These checks help to ensure that products meet the required standard of quality, which is essential for customer satisfaction and brand reputation. Digitization can help to streamline quality control processes, improving accuracy and efficiency to optimize supply chain management. Companies like Levi’s have already adopted digital tools for their quality programs, demonstrating the benefits of digitization in this area of the production process. As the industry moves further towards digitization, it is essential for apparel brands to embrace these innovations to keep up with competitors. Companies that invest in digitization can benefit from improved quality of product, optimized operations, and a reduction in costs and fabric waste, making them extremely agile and resilient in the face of heightened competition in the industry. 

The Importance of Production Line Quality Checks & How Digitization Can Help
Triple Tree Solutions
Published 15 March 2023

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