PI Apparel EU 2022 – Key Takeaways “How to Build A More Agile and Adaptive Supply Chain”

Our team had a great time exhibiting and speaking at PI Apparel Europe 2022 in Amsterdam on 25th – 26th April for Product Development and 28th – 29th April for supply chain where we discussed ColordesQ, our holistic solution for color management and color quality control.

Deniz Thiede, Azfar Hasan and Marcus Kaiser at Triple Tree’s exhibition booth at PI Apparel, Amsterdam

To give a quick overview – ColordesQ is a game-changer when it comes to quality, speed, costs, planning and sustainability. Key benefits of our solution include:

• 70% Time Savings through Real-Time Color Assessment,
• 80% Savings on Courier Costs,
• Precise Visual & Numerical Color Information,
• Color Comparison between different Vendors & Lots,
• Optimized Production Planning,
• Seamless Process Transparency,
• Performance Analytics
• Fully Customisable.

To learn more about our color management and color quality control solution, watch our explainer video here.

Our team also hosted a panel moderated by Jan Hilger with Joachim Hensch, Azfar Hasan, and Karl Koch as panelists to discuss how to build a more agile and adaptive supply-chain.

Here are a few highlights from the session that we found particularly insightful:

• Disruptions to the supply chain are a common and ongoing occurrence. The transparency offered by digitized processes is essential to find and manage risks across a globally interconnected supply chain.
• Color quality control needs to be reliable and timely. Digital color solutions can streamline lead-time and reduce delays caused by back-and-forth shipments of physical samples, helping reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.
• All too often, solutions focus on the job to be done. Effective solution design demands close attention to user preferences and habits – the human element cannot take a back seat
• There need to be shared benchmarks to communicate expectations and assess performance. Suppliers, brands, and retailers need to be brought to a shared performance language before they can understand each others’ challenges.

Watch our entire panel discussion on building a more agile and adaptive supply-chain here.


PI Apparel EU 2022 – Key Takeaways “How to Build A More Agile and Adaptive Supply Chain”
Triple Tree Solutions
Published 22 June 2022

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