Our Partnership with W&Co. Media Services

Traditionally, color quality validation and approval during manufacturing follows a manual, effort-intensive process based on subjective assessments. Physical samples are often being shipped multiple times across the globe between brands and their suppliers in a time-consuming process resulting in added courier costs, increased lead-times, a large carbon footprint and lost sales. Nevertheless, the desired color result is often not achieved.

This is where ColordesQ comes in…

ColordesQ is a Digital Color Management, Quality Control, and Validation solution for apparel, non-apparel, and textile supply chains. Our color engine standardizes the color evaluation process, delivering insights into color-matching within seconds. The goal is to cover the entire process from design decisions to color quality assessments and matching media results.

As a solution provider for the color community, we are excited to collaborate with media services company, W&Co. to create a fully digital process of color communication from product management to manufacturing and media production to the published marketing output.

ColordesQ enables consistent color communication between brands and their suppliers.

W&Co. uses the color information of the production result to ensure that the actual color is reliably shown to the end user, resulting in a lower return rate.

Our Partnership with W&Co. Media Services
Triple Tree Solutions
Published 1 December 2022

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